Welcome To Ajike ‘de’ Tailor Fashion Academy

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Ajike ‘de’ tailor Fashion Academy is a world-class tailoring school situated in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. We are a fashion and designing outfit that specializes in all aspects of pattern drafting in tailoring. We have the required tools, equipment, facilities, skill, knowledge, and up to date curriculum at our disposal to train and develop prospective students. Our area of core competence is to impart lives through training and tailoring skill development programs which in turn enables Nigerian Youths to be empowered and become more independent. Overall our intention is to build a Community of independently talented entrepreneurs in the fashion industry and society at large.

Pattern Drafting Class

We offer the best Pattern Drafting Class. We are into pattern making, pattern making tutoring, pattern making consultancy, sales of pattern tools, fashion accessories, and ready to wear outfit. We believe that the knowledge of pattern making creates a world of boundless creativity. Our Pattern Drafting classes are designed for different categories of prospective students based on their prior levels of knowledge in sewing techniques and dressmaking. Also for those who are into Fashion Business, Instructors and Coaches who needs to upgrade their skills in order to be able to accurately interpret dress designs and teach dressmaking through flat pattern drafting techniques. We have put together these classes to help you learn, discover, and rediscover the art of pattern making techniques in a simple but detailed way to enable you achieve your desired result.

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